Sunday, October 31, 2010

Save A Child

Yesayya Prema

Hello Children
This is a blog of your favourite 'Yesayya Prema' Christian Children's programme.
You will get to meet all of us involved in doing the programme through this blog.
Visit us frequently.
God bless you all.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Sam: You just can't take your eyes off him.
Sam loves to talk, sing, dance and act. All for the Lord.
He is studying in UKG.


Priyanka: She's lively. She's chirpy. Priyanka just loves talking about the programme.

She builds excitement because she herself is excited about the love of Jesus.
Priyanka is studying in Class II.


Pragathi. She's the bubbly girl who is oneof the anchors of the programme.
Pragathi is studying in Class III. She also enjoys watching the programme like
all kids.

Yesayya Prema

Hi friends
It is a pleasure meeting all of you through this blog.
We are so happy that you are watching this programme.
Several viewers are calling up regularly.
They have been telling us that they love the programme a lot.
Some say they like the Bible lessons, others love the skits.
And some others like the informative programmes.
We are glad everyone is happy with all the songs too.